Devices for gynecology and obstetrics


       Gynecology is branch of medicine studying normal functioning of female body as well as diseases related to peculiarities of female body in different periods of woman life. To make the long story short, gynecology is science about woman and female health.

       For diagnostics “female” diseases different laboratory and instrumental methods are used. Our company offers medical devices for gynecological examinations and those used in obstetrics departments. 

  • Cervical brush (type A)

    It is used for the collection of biological material from the surface of the cervix and from the cervical canal for cytological examination of cells in order to diagnose infections that are transmitted by the sexual bullet and early diagnosis of malignant tumors of the cervix or uterine body.

  • Umbilical cord clamp

    Designed for clamping the umbilical cord in the first minutes of a newborn's life. Due to a clear fixation of the jaws, complete hemostasis is ensured.