Disposable ECG electrode

Disposable ECG electrode

Purpose of medication:

For a medical study of the work of heart muscle. Disposable electrodes are a conductor between the body surface and measurement setup that fix biopotentials in the cardiac muscle with an ECG cable. Disposable electrodes are used for electrocardiography, for dynamic and static ECG monitoring with Holter and stress systems, provide reliable mechanical and electrical contact, high signal strength.


  • It is made of foam rubber with the application of a solid gel;
  • Connector with silver content;
  • The form is oval;
  • Clamp "silver-chloride of silver";
  • High accuracy of recorded signals;
  • Harmless to humans and the environment.

  • For adults 43 mm * 45 mm;
  • For children 32 mm * 36 mm;
  • Neonatal, diameter 26 mm.