Blood transfusion sets

Blood transfusion sets

Purpose of medication:

Used for intravenous blood transfusion and blood substitutes.


  • The tube is made of polyvinyl chloride;
  • The needle with diamond trihedral grinding is made of chromium-nickel steel;
  • An air duct that consists of a metal needle and an air valve made of polypropylene;
  • The structure of the drop-forming element provides the formation of 20 drops with 1 +/- 0.1 g of distilled water at a temperature of 20 +/- 2 ° C;
  • The device of the dropper is transparent and semi-rigid, which ensures fast and visually controlled filling;
  • Filter to prevent the penetration of unwanted particles;
  • The filter is made according to the requirements of the European standard, to prevent the ingress of foreign particles into the blood;
  • Roller speed regulator;
  • Rubber adapter between the tube and the injection needle;
  • Type of connection tube with a needle: Luer Lok (Luer Lok) and Luer Slip (Luer Slip);
  • Does not contain latex;
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic, non-toxic;
  • For single use;
  • Individual packing.


  • Length of the tube, not less than 1 600 mm;
  • The size of the needle is 1.2mm * 38mm.